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The "Stingray" portable flow meter from Bintech

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Now available from Bintech , the “Stingray” portable flow meter is used to measure flow rates by calculating the spreading time of an ultrasonic wave in a liquid, and can calculate the difference in upstream and downstream sound speeds in a full pipe.

The "Stingray" portable flow meter is ideal for measuring the flow rate of fluids with low amounts of suspended solids and aeration. The unique installation makes this flow meter suitable for measuring aggressive fluids, such as acids and solvents, or dirty fluids, such as oil and fuels.

The measuring system of these flow meters is made up of one or mor pairs of ultrasonic transducers, acoustically coupled to the external pipe wall, and a portale unit displaying the flow rate on an LCD screen. It is also possible to use transducers in direct contact with the fluid to be measured.

Part of Bintech's ultrasonic flow meter range, the “Stingray” portable flow meter has the standard high precision, high fidelity, high accuracy and high quality that all devices within the range have. The main characteristics of the "Stingray" portable flow meter are however:

  • clamp-on sensors - it is not necessary to stop the flow to install them
  • additional insertion sensors
  • only three pipe parameters required for accurate flow reading (outer diameter, wall thickness, and pipe material)
  • linearity +/- 1% linearity @ >0.2m/s
  • repeatability 0.2% 
  • four flow totalisers 
  • battery life: eight hours of continual operation
  • ultrasonic transducers with low voltage supply
  • able to store up to 2000 flow readings
  • oulses (relays), frequency (OCT) and RS232 outputs
  • data can be sent via RS232 to a PC or a custom data logger box
  • diameters range from DN20 up to DN6000 (between the 3 different sensor models).
The Bintech “Stingray” portable flow meter has a huge range of measuring applications, including:
  • water treatment, slurry and process water pumping 
  • oil and chemical industry 
  • hydro-electric, cooling 
  • food, paper and pharmaceutical industry 
  • car industry
  • flow metering.

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