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Magnetic float switches from KSR, represented by Bintech are designed for the control of distinct levels of a liquid. Units are based on the float principle with individual contacts for every level to be monitored.

Magnetic float switches operate in the following manner: A float with a built-in magnetic system actuates a small reed contact through the wall of the guide tube. The switching operation, now without direct contact with the liquid and free of wear and tear does not require any power supply.

Features of magnetic float switches include:

  • Availability in multiple switch points
  • Contact denomination refers to rising level of the liquid (S- closing on rising level, O- opening on rising level, U- changeover)
  • Volt-free contacts
  • Suitability for rough environments
  • Suitability for a wide variety of applications
  • Measurement of liquid levels are independent of physical or chemical changes of the liquid
  • Universal signal processing
  • Multiple switch points in one unit (up to 8)
  • Long service life

Magnetic float switches are fully featured to provide a robust and effective performance in liquid control solutions.

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