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FAFNIR's VISY-Stick tank level gauges supplied by Bintech

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article image VISY-Stick tank level gauges feature high grade stainless steel parts
Bintech now offers FAFNIR's VISY-Stick tank level gauges, highly accurate devices that are ideal for applications that require accurate stock and loss control.

These tank level gauges function according to the magnetostrictive measuring process. A wire made from magnetostrictive material is integrated into the probe tube. Pulses are transmitted through the wire by means of the sensor electronics which create a circular magnetic field.

Magnets are built into the floats which magnetize the wire at the float position. Due to the superposition of the two magnetic fields a torsional pulse is created which propagates towards the probe head. The running time thus created is captured and converted by the electronics.

Additional features of FAFNIR's VISY-Stick tank level gauges include:
  • monitoring of product filling level, product temperature and water level
  • all parts in contact with media made from high grade stainless steel
  • one float set for all media; and
  • optional with 1" floats.

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