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Bintech unveils 2000 series level sensor

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Bintech has unveiled 2000 series level sensor with a programmable head mounted transmitter unit, which provides a linearised 4 to 20 mA output of tank volume. The Bintech 2000 series level sensor mounting enables direct replacement of mechanical style indicators, and is suited for use with the BI-1030 Remote Display Unit for the monitoring of underground and above ground tank contents.  
The specifications of Bintech 2000 series level sensor include:
Electrical Enclosure: Stainless steel IP67 rated EEx d Ex d
Mounting: Flange with 8 x 14 mm holes on 89 mm (3.5 inch) pitch circle
Gasket: Spiral stainless steel and polymer
Cable access: M20 x 1.5 mm opening
Access: Screw cap with hex lock screw
Electrical connection: 2 wire connection to the transmitter or 3 wire potentiometer connection direct to the sensor.
Electrical output signal: 4 to 20 mA from the transmitter with a 24 Vdc supply
Guide Tube: 12 mm diameter x 1 mm wall
Float: Cylindrical or Spherical Titanium, Stainless Steel, Nitrile or PVC foam
Sensor Length: 750 to 3000 mm
Contact Separation: 18 mm (5, 10, 15 mm options)
Resolution: Typically better than ± 9 mm (depends on the contact separation)
Minimum Depth Reading: Typically 200 mm - Titanium float, 150 mm - PVC foam float
(allowing 40 mm clearance from the bottom of the sensor shaft to the bottom of the tank)
Float Diameter: Titanium - 50 mm, Nitrile: - 40 mm, PVC foam - 44 mm
Max. Operating Pressure: 6000 kpa (depends upon flange and float type)
Operating Temp range -50 to 150°C
Weight: Approx. 1600 gm + 320 gm / m

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