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Bintech launches Remote Telemetry BI-5000 series

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Bintech has launches Remote Telemetry BI-5000 series, which facilitates in the interrogation of levels and alarms at a remote site from a host Personal Computer PC. Two analogue channels and up to eight digital ports are available at each remote unit.

Communication is via either the national GSM radio network or a land line to the remote site, with the host computer connected by a modem and dial up link to the Public Switched Telephone Network. The remote analogue ports operate on a 4 to 20 mA current loop and can work with a range of sensors. Alternatively, the sensors can be powered by the BI-5000 using the internal power supplies. The analogue ports are fully isolated to operate on separately powered loops without any interference.

Interrogation schedules may be pre-programmed in the host computer for a number of remote sites. The analogue values read at each site are stored in a database at the host PC, and can be printed directly in a series of reports or exported to other data processing applications for further analysis. The Remote Telemetry BI-5000 series system is suited to interface with the Bintech BI-2000 and 3000 series liquid level measuring system. Optional 3½ digit displays can be fitted within the remote units for a local indication of tank level. The digital output ports enable alarms to be reset, security systems controlled, pumps started or stopped, etc. The standard software enables multi-site operation with a custom interrogation schedule for each site.

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