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Bintech introduces PM4 Monitors Model PM4-IV

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Bintech has introduced PM4 Monitors Model PM4-IV.
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Description of Bintech Model PM4-IV:
The Bintech Model PM4-IV accepts DC inputs of ±20mA, 4 to 20mA, ±100mV, ±1V, ±10V, ±100V or three wire slidewire, with the resultant display reading directly in engineering units. The Bintech Model PM4-IV instruments feature flexible pushbutton calibration and programming to suit most applications.  
Each Bintech Model PM4-IV instrument is supplied with a single control/alarm relay as standard. A transmitter supply is provided as standard on AC supply models (18VDC unregulated). Optional outputs include additional relays, isolated analogue output (single or dual channel, single channel configurable as retransmission or PI control) and serial (RS232 or RS485) communications. Relays can be configured for alarm, trailing or PI control (time division or frequency) operation. The programmable digital filter improves stability by smoothing out short term interference.
An external input is configurable to perform one of various functions (e.g.) Two level brightness switching, peak hold, display hold, max/min memory, scale switching (allows switching between two sets of calibration values), setpoint only access or security lockout, pushbutton tare and zero. The external input can also be used to allow fast and easy access to the alarm setpoints. The two level brightness switching facility can be used for truck, boat, etc., and cabin use allowing day/night viewing brightness levels. The two brightness levels are user selectable within the available range. In battery powered applications, the two level brightness switching facility can be used to reduce battery current drain. Electrical isolation between power supply, input voltage/current and retransmission eliminates grounding and common mode voltage problems.
The Features of Bintech Model PM4-IV are:
Pushbutton calibration and setup, Displays in engineering units, Electrical isolation between input signal/output/power supply, 240V, 110V, 32V, 24V AC, 12 to 48VDC or 50 to 110VDC operation (factory configured), 18VDC transmitter supply (AC supply models), Square root extractor.
The Bintech Model PM4-IV accepts ±20mA, 4 to 20mA, ±100mV±1V, ±10V, ±100V or 3-wire slidewire input, Alarm/control relay output (5A) standard, configurable as alarm or PI control, Remote input to perform special functions (e.g.) Two level brightness level switching - ideal for day/night viewing and current reduction in battery powered applications, scale switching, fast setpoint access, max/min, peak/display hold, setpoint only access or security lockout, pushbutton tare or zero.

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