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Bintech introduces LPG tank monitoring system

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Bintech has introduced LPG tank monitoring system, which is a simple and reliable method to monitor tank contents. The underground Bintech LPG tank monitoring system uses a level sensor mounted in the tank turret via the standard eight hole flange used by the magnetic drive units. Mounted in the electrical enclosure of the level sensor is a programmable transmitter that provides a linearised 4- 20 mA output to the indicators.

In the fill box a field mount indicator is installed, which provides power to the indicator loop. Additional indicators can be installed on the system typically at the operator's console position.

The Bintech LPG tank monitoring system was designed to be cost-effective while, at the same time, being reasonably accurate and simple to install and maintain. Accuracy is dependent on the shape of the tank and the actual liquid level. For a horizontal bullet tank, the incremental level variation is high at the centre, and the typical worse case on a 17.4 kl tank is an accuracy of about +1%, which improves towards the top or bottom.

The Bintech LPG tank monitoring system for the ground tanks is similar to the underground system, but it uses a simpler sensor, which is designed to fit the standard four hole flange pattern for a top mounted contents gauge. The programmable transmitter can be installed within the stainless steel electrical housing mounted on top of the level sensor or in the enlarged Bintech indicator. The basic system may be enhanced by connecting the 4- 20 mA output to a telemetry system, enabling the tank contents to be read remotely on a host computer.

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