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Revolutionary technology from BiOWiSH Technologies provides effective leachate treatment on-site

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Sydney based clean technology company, BiOWiSH Technologies , has recently completed a number of pilot projects in Australia with a revolutionary enzyme based approach to leachate treatment. After 17 years of development and trial, this technology is now available for commercial use in waste management applications. 

Using very high speed enzymes that were discovered in natural mangrove environments, the technology breaks down organic contaminants and reduces nutrient levels prior to discharge into the environment at a rate much faster than would occur in nature. This will result in lower infrastructure requirements as leachate water can now be effectively treated using existing leachate ponds. 

Russell Haack,  Chief Operating Officer at BiOWiSH Technologies, explained that the new technology will assist the environment, waste management industry and governments in many ways. 

“Any contribution today to effectively manage leachate without the high capital and environmental costs of chemicals, aeration, transportation and traditional treatment plants is highly valuable to both operators and municipalities alike” he said. 

This technology can be applied to any existing leachate capture systems at very low cost, and has no detrimental effect on surrounding ecosystems.

Effective odour control also increases options in managing leachate on site through recirculation by spraying the leachate over the body of waste. This procedure can accelerate the decomposition process and improve landfill space utilization. Using BiOWiSH™ technology for leachate treatment can actually decrease total site odour by eliminating odour from the waste body itself. 

Many biological additive products have been trialled in waste management, however the limiting factor has always been speed of action and effectiveness.  Results are achieved within acceptable timeframes to meet the modern day demands on waste managers when using the BiOWiSH™ technology. 

The BiOWiSH enzyme technology is extremely effective in:

  • Reducing biochemical and chemical oxygen demands (BOD and COD)
  • Removing ammonia
  • Removing (not masking) odours
  • Reducing suspended solids and bio solid formation

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