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optoNCDT 2400 Confocal displacement measurement system from Bestech Australia

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Bestech Australia  offers optoNCDT 2400 to measure displacement with nanometer resolution.

The sensor measurement ranges extend from 80µm to 24mm.

This confocal displacement system can take distance measurements on glossy and transparent surfaces.

It is also possible to measure the thickness of transparent films, plates or layers with only one sensor.

Different distinctive material surfaces have no negative effects on the measurement accuracy.

The sensor system is, therefore, particularly suitable for three-dimensional measurement of surfaces. Due to the high measuring rate of 1000 Hz, the sensor system can also be employed for dynamic measurement tasks.

The optoNCDT 2400 is based on a confocal measuring principle which operates with polychromatic light (white light).

A certain distance point is assigned to each wavelength by a factory calibration. In the sensor system the  wavelength of light used for measurement is exactly focused on the target. Since a halogen lamp is used as the light source, laser safety regulations do not apply here.

Technical performance features:

  • Measurement ranges from 80µm to 24mm
  • Diameter of light spot from 7µm
  • Linearity from 0.08µm
  • Resolution from 3nm
  • Measuring rate up to 1000Hz
  • Eye safe - No laser safety issues
  • Constant spot size
  • Target independent - good accuracy against mirror and glass surface
  • One-sided thickness-measurement
  • Axial and radial version

The confocal displacement applications:

  • One-sided thickness measurement against transparent materials
  • Liquid level control – fill level in medical trays
  • Measurement against reflecting surfaces like glass, mirror as well as liquids
  • Surface scan
  • Cavity inspection
  • 4mm diameter sensor can measure in confined installation spaces
  • Thickness measurement in confined space
  • Thickness of Glass or any transparent material with a single sensor
The confocal displacement sensor optoNCDT 2400 is manufactured by Micro-epsilon, Germany and is available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia.

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