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Vacuum monitoring systems available from Bestech Australia

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Vacuum control system from Micro-Epsilon Germany monitors the integrity of the vacuum in cans, jars and bottles and analyse the results statistically.

The operation is completely automatic and without contact. Faulty cans can be sorted out immediately.

The vac control system available from Bestech Australia measures the cap deflection caused by the vacuum. A sensor scans the cap shape while the individual can, jar or bottle passes the measuring point.

The micro-computer unit stores the values and uses them to calculate the cap deflection as a function of the internal pressure.

Vac control compares the values with a preset deflection set value. If the cap deflection is not large enough, an eject pulse of adjustable length is generated.

This pulse controls a sorter which separates the containers into good sealed and bad leaky.

In combination with a light barrier or an optical switch the system also sorts out containers that have no cap. Counters record the total number of containers tested and the number of rejects.

This system is suitable for various types of caps and a wide range of diameters.

The electronics is based on a non-contacting displacement measuring system with a sequential analysis of the signals by means of a micro-computer.

It is housed in a water proofed cabinet and is not affected by environmental factors like humidity and temperature variations.

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