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VIP Sensors’ 2015A piezoelectric accelerometers available from Bestech Australia

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Bestech Australia  offer model 2015A piezoelectric accelerometer, from VIP Sensors. The 2015A piezoelectric accelerometer features integral electronics (IEPE), and has a stud mounted design for general vibration measurement on structures and objects. It features a high signal-to-noise ratio, a high output sensitivity, and a wide bandwidth. The 2015A piezoelectric accelerometer transmits its low impedance voltage output through the same cable that supplies the constant current power.

The 2015A piezoelectric accelerometer is epoxy sealed against external contamination. Signal ground is connected to the outer case of the unit. When used with an isolated mounting stud, the 2015A piezoelectric accelerometer is electrically isolated from ground. It also features a 10 to 32 side connector that is used with coaxial cable for error-free operation.

The 2015A piezoelectric accelerometer has a range of 50g, and voltage sensitivity of 100mV/g. Frequency response is up to 8kHz, and the amplitude non-linearity is less than 1%. The unit has a large temperature range of -40 to 120°C, and humidity is not a problem with the epoxy seal. The accelerometer is 12g in weight, and cased in stainless steel for ruggedness.

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