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Upgradable air conditioning laboratory unit from Bestech Australia

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The P.A. Hilton Ltd. A660 air conditioning laboratory unit from Bestech Australia assists with the instruction of engineers and students in the principles and implementation of industrial air conditioning technology.

The growing demand for air conditioning to create comfortable living and working spaces without impacting the environment depends on tomorrow’s engineers fully understanding the process occurring between air inlet and its discharge to the conditioned space, so that they can design and operate much more energy-efficient air conditioning systems or plant.

Designed specifically for teaching purposes, the A660 air conditioning laboratory unit enables instructors to demonstrate the processes and components used in heating, cooling, humidification and de-humidification of air streams. The unit facilitates hands-on learning that complements theory-based learning to prepare students to go out into their future careers with practical knowledge, helping them design and set up large and complex air conditioning systems to suit retail shopping centres, manufacturing plants, commercial high rise buildings and similar applications.

Highlights of the A660 air conditioning laboratory unit:

  • Enables students to control a wide variety of parameters via ten switches on the front panel
  • Allows measurement of air psychometric condition using wet and dry bulb sensors before and after humidification, de-humidification, heating and cooling
  • Schematic diagram mounted on the front of the unit enables students to understand the order of processes and location of measurement points
  • Large format A3 psychometric chart enables students to interpret various readings taken to calculate the enthalpy of the airstream
  • Optional R100 Universal Pressure-Enthalpy Software Upgrade
  • Optional AC661A Hilton data logger and a (locally-sourced) computer give animated (real-time) pressure-enthalpy cycle diagram as well as component energy balances
  • Optional upgrades allow students to investigate air re-circulation and mixing, computer monitoring, dynamic humidity and temperature control and environmental control of a test chamber
Bestech Australia provides all necessary support for the complete PA Hilton range of air conditioning units and other quality equipment for the instruction of related technologies.

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