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Turbocharger speed sensor available from Bestech Australia

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The new generation of speed sensors from Micro-Epsilon, Germany for turbochargers measure the speed of rotation from a low 200 rpm up to maximum speed of 400,000 rpm.

These turbocharger speed sensors measure without contact by using the eddy-current effect and are consequently free from any mechanical wear and are maintenance free.

The main field of application is for turbochargers in internal combustion engines for cars and trucks. The turbine blades may be produced in aluminium or titanium. Modification of the turbocharger is not necessary.

The small sensor measures only 3 mm in diameter and can consequently be mounted in even small models. The integrated sensor cable is protected by thermal protection tubing. The ambient temperature may be up to 235°C. The large measuring gap for the turbocharger speed sensor is 1.5 mm.

A new controller, DZ135, for 9 to 30 V supply has been developed for operating the sensors. An analogue signal of 0-10 V and a digital signal of 1 pulse/revolution or 1 pulse/blade can be taken as the output signal.

The number of blades on the turbocharger can be set in the controller. With the new series of controllers, special emphasis has been placed on interference immunity.

The high interference fields in engine test rigs do not therefore affect the measurement reliability. The controller can be operated both with and without an external preamplifier.

With pre-amplification of the signal in the vicinity of the sensor, distances of up to 25 m between the sensor and controller can be achieved.

This turbocharger speed sensor can be employed both in test rig operation and also in road tests.

Due to the rugged mechanical construction and the electronic circuit technology, they can be used at high temperatures and also in highly critical electromagnetic interference fields.

The new turbocharger speed sensor is available from Bestech Australia.

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