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Bestech Australia recently launched a new range of turbocharger speed sensors for high volume production, from Micro-Epsilon. The turboSPEED TSSC series of turbocharger speed sensors is an eddy current sensor, cast in plastic, and meets all EMC conditions in the engine compartment, with a protection rating of IP67. The turboSPEED TSSC turbocharger speed sensors have a separate electronics unit, which can be integrated in the engine compartment separate from the turbocharger.  

Speeds of 200 to 400,000 rpm can be measured very accurately with turboSPEED TSSC turbocharger speed sensors. Due to the complex electronics and special linearisation, turboSPEED TSSC turbocharger speed sensors can measure on turbine wheels made from aluminium or titanium.  

Titanium is well known as a poor electrical conductor and is therefore generally difficult to measure. The electronics for each turbine model is configured and fixed afterwards for high precision.

The low cost version of the turboSPEED TSSC turbocharger speed sensor meets all necessary requirements for the automotive industry, and is especially relevant given the current economic climate.

Different from conventional sensors for turbochargers, the new turboSPEED TSSC turbocharger speed sensors do not measure on the shaft between the two turbine wheels, since these are often no longer accessible with the latest turbochargers. TurboSPEED TSSC turbocharger speed sensors detect the edge of the compressor wheel on the “cold” side of the turbocharger and is integrated in the housing there.  

The vanes of the compressor wheel cross the measurement field of the TurboSPEED TSSC turbocharger speed sensors, which registers an impulse each time the electromagnetic field changes. By using the sensor in series the available power range of the turbocharger can be fully exploited, as the speed of the turbocharger will be prevented from running too high. TurboSPEED 135 turbocharger speed sensors are also available for speed measurements in R&D laboratories.  

TurboSPEED TSSC turbocharger speed sensors are available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia Pty Ltd.                                                                    

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