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Triaxial Piezoelectric Accelerometer from Bestech Australia

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article image Bestech Australia’s Triaxial Piezoelectric Accelerometer for vibration measurement
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Triaxial Piezoelectric Accelerometer Bestech Australia has introduced the Smart Triaxial Piezoelectric Accelerometer Model 2330 from VIP Sensors, USA. This Triaxial Piezoelectric Accelerometer is designed for vibration measurement in three orthogonal axes. It consists of a sensing element operating in shear mode, a semiconductor temperature sensor, front-end signal conditioning, data acquisition, data processing and Intellibus-compliant digital bus. It is packaged in a small, low-profile metal case with two pig-tail connectors for daisy chaining the Intellibus-based network. Its low noise front-end signal conditioning and programmable gain allow for measurement of a wide range of vibration and acceleration levels.

Temperature readings from its built-in sensor may be used for on or off-board temperature correction. This Triaxial Piezoelectric Accelerometer has two software-selectable 3-pole anti-aliasing filters, one with a cut off frequency at 2 KHz and another at 360 Hz. The 16-bit A/D converter samples data at a programmable rate of up to 250 ksps. A powerful processor performs digital signal processing algorithms, such as digital filter. The Transducer Electronic Data Sheet, which is stored in non-volatile memory, provides the information needed to set up highly versatile signal conditioner and data acquisition parameters.

Important Features:

  • Digital Output
  • Programmable Full Scale: ± 0.5 g to ± 500 g
  • Accuracy: ±0.2% Electronic Signal Conditioner and Data Acquisition, ±1.5% Sensor Calibration Uncertainty at 100 Hz
  • Noise Floor: 7 mg rms
  • Freq Response: 1 Hz to 2 KHz
  • Programmable Digital Filter:  64 Order FIR Type
  • Filter Corners: 10 Hz to 12 KHz
  • A/D Converter:  16-bit, Programmable Sample Rate up to 250 ksps
  • IntelliBus Compliant

This Triaxial Piezoelectric Accelerometer is available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia Pty Ltd. 

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