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TA Plus texture analysers by Lloyd Instruments from Bestech Australia

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Bestech Australia presents TA Plus texture analysers from Lloyd Instruments designed to measure a wide range of parameters.

A fully software controlled instrument that applies force in both tension and compression up to 1kN, TA Plus texture analysers measure parameters including adhesion force and adhesiveness, chewiness and cohesiveness, firmness, fracturability, gumminess, hardness, modulus, resilience, springiness, and stringiness.

Precise machine control during a test is ensured with the advanced closed loop system in the texture analysers. Accurate sample height measurement for testing samples to a percentage of their original size with the ability to adjust the speed relative to sample dimensions is therefore, precisely controlled.

TA Plus texture analysers allow external ‘plug and play’ devices, such as temperature and humidity probes to be connected to the machine to enable these parameters to be monitored during each test and reported via the NEXIGEN Plus software with respect to force, distance and time. ‘Test Start’ and ‘Test Stop’ conditions may also be controlled by these external devices.

NEXIGEN Texture Analysis software supplied separately, logs the test results, enables integration with video and still pictures, provides test data security, and also allows reporting and exporting of data.

In addition, long term creep and relaxation tests can be performed utilising the accurate load holding capability. The advanced load rate control gives complete flexibility, particularly when performing extrusion tests.

Key features of Lloyd TA Plus texture analysers:

  • Supplied with a base table, 12.5mm dia. cylinder probe and a stainless steel drip tray 
  • Work area has a 179mm throat depth 
  • Vertical axis speed is adjustable from 0.002mm to 50mm/minute at full load 
  • Multi-lingual and multi-unit display options as well as intelligent load cells and other accessories are available 
  • Sampling speed is 8kHz to ensure all data points are captured 
  • Automatic diagnostics as well as a load cell calibration check included as standard 
  • Frame stiffness compensation for extension accuracy to within 5 microns required for many tests is provided 
  • NEXIGEN Texture Analysis software supplied separately for data logging and reporting

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