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BESTECH Australia Pty Ltd supplies a range of metal foil strain gauges both for transducer applications and stress analysis.

For applications that require high gauge factor, semiconductor strain gauges are also available.

Class A strain gauges are specially designed for manufacturing of high accuracy transducers to better than 0.02%FS accuracy. They come with a choice of creep compensation.

Creep is determined by the mechanical characteristic of the material the gauge is affixed to.

Output sensitivity or the span of a transducer changes with temperature. The strain gauges can be produced so that they nullify the effect of this temperature change so that the span of your transducer is independent of temperature.

Most applications for the strain gauges are in stress analysis. Most stress analysis strain gauges are self temperature compensated for a number of different materials.

Depending on the direction and kind of strain to be measured, customers can use linear, biaxial, rosette, shear, or torsion type strain gauges.

Gauges can be supplied with solder pads, short 30mm leads or long PVC leads. Gauges can be from 2mm to 120mm long.

While 120 ohm and 350 ohm gauges are the most popular, 1000 ohms resistance gauges are also available. They can be customised to any application, says Bestech, which carries a large stock of these strain gauges.

Semiconductor strain gauges have a higher signal output compared to the metal foil strain. They are especially designed to probe the very weak or very small signals.

These semiconductor strain gauges are also used to compensate for a significant non-linearity encountered in manufacturing of transducers.

Bestech also stocks a range of strain gauge installation accessories. These include bondable resistors that are used for temperature and modulus compensation in transducer production and bondable terminals for wire connection between strain gauges and instruments.

In addition, Bestech supplies strain-gauge adhesives, protective coatings and sealants. For bin weighing and press monitoring applications there are bolt on gauges that attach to existing structures.

To cover measurement needs, Bestech also stocks bridge completion modules, single and multichannel electronics with USB or analogue output.

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