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Spring-Loaded LVDT Position Sensors from Bestech Australia used in Elevator Positioning

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Bestech Australia  offers spring-loaded LVDT position sensors that play a key role in ensuring that the elevator cars are perfectly aligned with the building floors on arrival.    

Available in AC and DC configurations, the LVDT position sensors are relied upon by electromechanical control systems in elevators travelling at speeds upwards of 40 km/h to provide the necessary feedback for proper alignment and accurate landing of elevator cars at each building floor.    

Elevator cars are suspended by springs within an outer frame that provide cushioning against the effects of acceleration/deceleration and the initial starting and stopping jerks caused by inertia.  

Loaded elevators cause the springs to compress, changing the car position within the frame and affecting the final car position at the destination floor.  

To ensure that both cars and building floors properly align upon arrival, these spring-loaded LVDT position sensors are used to measure the difference between the frame and car position. The sensors measure the spring deflection caused by the passenger load.  

Spring-loaded position sensors are mounted either under or above the elevator car. Output is fed into a control system that uses the displacement information to adjust the travel of the frame, so that when the elevator car doors open, the car floor is level with the specific building floor.  

Spring-loaded LVDT position sensors from Macro Sensors feature a field-proven design and high reliability in operation.  

Key features of these LVDT positions sensors include: 

  • Hermetically sealed sensors to IEC IP68 rating
  • Rugged and robust to withstand heavy shocks as well as the effects of dirt, water, steam and other corrosive elements without affecting performance
  • Available in both AC and DC-operated versions
  • Metric calibration options are also offered for all spring-loaded LVDT position sensors  

Spring-loaded LVDT position sensors are available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia.

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