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Spectrophotometry minimises rejection rate in the plastics production

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Bestech Australia introduces a new colour measurement system developed by Micro-Epsilon for continuous colour control in the production line. 

The new system uses spectrophotometry to not only recognise the saved colours according to the yes-no-principle but also determine the exact colour of the components. Used widely in the plastics industry, the colour measurement system offers a precision that exceeds the human eye, and a measuring rate of 2000 Hz. 

Colour recognition is necessary in the production line to identify quality defects early, avoid rejection and increase productivity in the production process. Conventional colour sensors measure with a precision of ΔE > 0.5. However, increasing industrial requirements now specify inspection systems with a precision of ΔE < 0.1, which is only possible with spectrophotometry. 

The Micro-Epsilon colorCONTROL ACS 7000 inline colour measuring system from Bestech Australia meets these requirements with a colour resolution of ΔE < 0.08.

The measuring system has three operation modes. The first mode, colour recognition allows up to 15 colours to be saved and verified. The second mode, colour measurement enables colour values to be measured and the tendency analysed. This mode is best suited for plastic production because of the non-contact measurement method and the high measuring frequency of 2000 Hz. The third mode, spectral comparison displays and evaluates the reflection spectrum of the measurement object. 

A wide range of colour spaces (XYZ, L*a*b*, L*u*v*, L*a*b*99, L*c*h, L*c*h99), distance models [ΔE(CMC), ΔE99,ΔE94, ΔEDE2000] and standard illuminants (A, C, D65, D50, D75, E, F4, F7, F11) is available to calculate the colour values.

The non-contact sensor has a measurement geometry of 30°/0°. Therefore, the self-reflection of wet or shiny surfaces has no direct influence on the measuring result. The sensor realises a measuring distance of 50mm and a measuring spot of 9mm. 

The colorCONTROL ACS 7000 colour measurement system is already used for continuous inline colour control in several areas such as the production of plastic plates and plastic bands, the examination of window frames, and film extrusion.

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