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Solid state switch system by Bestech

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The robust switching system, now available from Bestech , provides a uni-directional signal path from input to output while power is applied to the system. The system can be controlled from the front panel, or remotely using command line control or by running a graphical user interface on the host computer (via Ethernet or RS-232).
The 464kB solid state switch system also uses its test subsystem to verify the system integrity. Running the Factory Acceptance Test exhaustively tests all possible switch settings and reports which plug-in modules are defective. Switch settings can be entered or verified using the graphical user interface, front panel or remote interface.

Switch system specifications:

•    Differential Input:     ±10V peak maximum
•    Common Mode Input:    ±20V peak maximum
•    Frequency response:    DC to 100 kHz ±0.05 dB typical
 ±0.01 dB maximum
•    Gain:            0 dB ±0.005 dB at 4 kHz typical
•    Linearity:        ±0.01% at 7 Vrms and 4 kHz
•    Noise:            25 µVrms in 100 kHz BW
•    Channel Crosstalk:    110 dB, maximum, at 4kHz
80 dB, maximum, at 100kHz
60 dB, maximum, at 1 MHz
•    Maximum Output:     ±10 Vpk at 5 mA pk

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