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Smart Sensors Network System from VIP Sensors available at Bestech Australia

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The Smart Sensor Network System from VIP Sensors is a brand new sensor measurement and control system available at Bestech Australia .

The Smart Sensor Network System utilises multi-drop network sensor-actuator architecture and eliminates the difficulties in managing cumbersome interconnecting cables in traditional measuring systems. 

The new sensor measurement systems allow a drastic reduction of interconnecting cables, and lower installation and system costs in addition to increasing noise immunity and overall performance.

Typical test and measurement systems are based on standalone instrumentation and require point-to-point analogue wiring, which leads to disadvantages such as cumbersome cabling and connectors, bulky instrumentation, susceptibility to EMI/RFI noise pick up, and compromised signal-to-noise ratio.

A typical example would be aircraft testing and onboard monitoring where measurements including pressure, temperature, strain, flow and vibration need to be known.

Many wires from each sensor carry small analogue signals and power to and from the signal conditioning and data acquisition instrumentation. Multiple sensors would only mean added weight and space requirement.

The Smart Sensors Network System features multi-drop sensor architecture with smart digital output sensors interconnected to a Network Interface Controller (NIC) through a common digital transducer bus.

This reduces the number of interconnecting cables drastically and offers benefits such as easy designing as well as low installation and system costs.

The Smart Sensors Network System accepts different types of transducers from traditional analogue sensors to the new smart sensors.

Base bus interface modules (IBIMs), such as the 6003 model, in addition to providing signal conditioning and processing functions also provide network communication. This makes them suitable for use as standalone modules or module stacks, which provide a high channel count in a very small volume.

A powerful, easy-to-use application software is also available along with the measurement system.

The Smart Sensors Network System is available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia Pty Ltd.   

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