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Signal conditioning system available from Bestech Australia

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Bestech Australia  provide the Precision 28000 signal conditioning system from Precision Filters. The signal conditioning system provides great flexibility in managing test measurements, with hundreds of channels and a mix of programmable transducers. These transducers include bridge, charge, IEPE w/TEDS, voltage, strain, thermocouple, RTD/potentiometer and frequency. The Precision 28000 can be used for high-speed transient applications, static applications, or a combination of both.

Examples of such applications include shock and vibration testings, acoustics tests, dynamic strain and wind tunnel flow measurements. Intelligent gain and system scaling algorithms do all the work, and the 28000 signal conditioning system has a variety of high performance filter characteristics available for high-pass, low-pass and band-pass precision filtering.

The 28000-4-TEST test subsystem together with the 28000-BIF1-FT card provides a complete suite of tests that may be run on the instrument in-place without removing the system from the equipment rack. The tests monitor all critical system specifications and are the same manufacturing tests that are run at the factory.

Accessories are available for specialist uses. It is also possible to upgrade and expand as equipment and requirements change. There are different conditioner and amplifier cards that can be used for different applications. The PF Graphical User Interface (GUI) control software provides a spreadsheet-style environment for easy control of all system functions. Up to eight systems can be controlled with the one PC controller.

Depending on the model, the chassis may only require 5.25 inches of rack space, making the Precision 28000 signal conditional system space efficient. This signal conditioning system is available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia.

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