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Bestech Australia’s  ScanControl 2810, a high speed profile sensor from German company Micro-Epsilon, measures beading and grooves at speeds of up to 4kHz.

Operating as a laser line scanner, the ScanControl 2810 uses the triangulation principle for the 2D acquisition of profiles on varied surfaces.

Functional as both a stationary unit (e.g. mounted on a conveyor belt) or as a mobile unit (e.g. on robots), the controller computes the profile data from a high quality camera picture and displays it as x/z coordinates relative to the sensor.

Characteristic values of the beading such as height, width and area of adhesive beading are also computed by the ScanControl 2810.

A good example of its use is in the fitting of adhesive beading to car windscreens. The ScanControl 2810 high speed profile sensor is used to find deviations in height and width of the beading from predetermined tolerance values.

The ScanControl 2810 also has a CMOS matrix with a flat high speed electronic shutter, which allows for measurement rates of up to 4kHz. Furthermore, the measuring field can be varied to either increase the data processing rate or increase pixel resolution.

The intuitively operated parameterising software facilitates flexible adjustments to various test criteria and boundary conditions, which are then saved in the controller.

These settings can be loaded into the controller via the FireWire interface from an external computer, which is fast and simple.


  • High Speed measurement up to 4kHz
  • Dynamic detection of the profile
  • Both digital and analogue outputs
  • Control signal given when limits exceeded
  • Easy setup software
  • Flexible for a variety of measurement applications

The ScanControl 2810 finds application in the following:

  • Adhesive beading
  • Angle measurement
  • Groove profile
  • Robot guidance
  • Edge/track tracing
  • Inspection of welding beads

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