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Rotating applications of burster torque sensors

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burster offers a line of torque sensors designed to measure the drag torque of motors and pumps, static and dynamic torques and mechanical power, to record bio mechanical movements in medical engineering and utilise in screwing technology.

burster’s 864XX series torque sensors feature a compact design, and offer high accuracy and reliability for right-hand and left-hand rotating torques at 3000 min-1/min using slip-ring transmission with a measuring range between 0-5000Nm.

Model 86403, 86423 and 86423 are commonly used for checking and adjusting bolting tools and bolted connections, measuring frictional torques for gears, bearings and seals, and adjusting sunroofs and power windows in the automobile industry.

The maintenance-free, non-contact transfer torque sensors from burster are using new EMD (Embedded Magnetic Domain) technology, employing magnetic induction to create the electrical voltage from the applied torque. The nickeliferous steel shaft is impregnated with a permanent magnetic pattern.

Sensors 8645 and 8646 have measuring ranges from 0…2.5Nm to 0…500Nm and high speed up to 5000 min-1. Examples of applications for this series include drilling systems, screwing and bolting tools, textile machines, test rigs, pumps, fitness and workout gears, mechanical conveying technology, household appliances, automotive steering, gearing and motors tests.

burster’s latest development, the precision torque sensor 8661 measures from 0…±0.05Nm up to 0…±200Nm with high linearity ≤0.05%F.S., and accuracy (angle measurement) to 0.09°. An integrated intelligent 3-LED indicator displays various operating states as the ideal choice for both online static and dynamic torque measurements.

High quality bearings, tight manufacturing tolerances and excellent balance ensure the running stability of the sensor delivering a speed over 25,000rpm. Bestech Australia presents burster 8661 torque sensor suitable for test setups for precision mechanics, micromechanical actuator elements measurements and engine test benches among others.

The 8651 is another slip-ring-free IP67 protection torque sensor using couplings and integral amplifier capable of integrated measurements of torque, angular rotation and speed finding applications in both laboratory and industrial environments. The measuring range of torque transducer 8651 is from 0…±500Nm up to 0…±1000Nm with non-linearity of 0.1% F.S. and a maximum speed at 35,000 min-1. Torque sensor 8651 is used in applications where low-wear operation and high speeds or continuous running are required. 

Bestech Australia is the sole distributor of burster (Germany) in Australia.

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