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Bestech Australia  introduces the new Lorenz DR-2291 rotating torque sensors with quick change-type ¼ DIN 3126 (ISO 1173) couplings for use with pneumatic and electric-driven tools as well as assembly stations.  

Available in ranges from ±1 to ±20Nm, the new Lorenz DR2291 slipring rotating torque transducers have accuracy class of 0.1% and input impedance of 350Ω (nominal).  

While excitation or input is from 2 to 12Vdc (constant), the maximum operating speed is 2000rpm and the electrical connection is via a 6-pole connector. A mating connector is included with the DR2291 torque transducer.  

The DR2291 rotating torque sensors are located in series between the compressed air or electric drive, and the device under test.   

The Lorenz DR2291 rotating torque sensors find application in the measurement of the torque required to drive a fastener into a threaded bore or material.    

A DIN 1/4HEX drive (male) shaft from the driver is pushed into the female DIN socket on the input end of the torque transducer shaft.  

The output end of the torque transducer plugs into the socket or blade driving the fastener being tested.  

The body of the DR2291 must be restricted from rotating in sympathy with the rotor, and the drive is switched on.  

As the drive rotates, the DR2291 shaft senses the torque required to rotate the fastener and the output signal from the transducer changes accordingly.  

The Lorenz product range also includes a wide range of signal conditioners that can be used with the DR2291 rotating torque sensors.  

The signal conditioner provides an ultra stable excitation voltage for the torque transducer’s strain gauge bridge while amplifying the output to a high level signal for external monitoring and/or control purposes.  

Microprocessor-based controllers as well as PC-based systems are also available for use with the DR2291 and all other torque and force transducers within the Lorenz product range.   

Bestech Australia provides complete information, application advice and back-up support for the DR2291 as well as all Lorenz torque transducers, load cells and matching electronics.

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