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Measurement sensors specialist, Bestech Australia has recently introduced a new range of sensors to address the issue of the front-end of measurement systems in wastewater and similar industrial applications.

One aspect of the measurement and control of wastewater and similar fluids concerns the front-end sensing of the parameters to be measured. The integrity and reliability of the sensors from the relatively simple loop powered pressure transmitters to more complex analytical instruments are vital to precisely monitor the status of conditions in remote applications.

Key requirements include assured validity of signals and data received from field sensors, elimination of ‘in field’ sensor faults and reduced costly field maintenance procedures, which all contribute to lowering plant operation costs.

Bestech Australia’s new MeasureXMRL23 submersible level transmitters are a new range of sensors that provide reliable and precision performance at a surprisingly economical price.

Key features of MRL23 pressure transmitters:

  • Teflon coated housing and cable for submersion in highly corrosive fluids and environments
  • Available in ranges from 0 to 500m H2O full scale
  • Output signal options include 4/20mA, 0/5V and 0/10V
  • Standard precision grade is 0.5% FS; up to 0.1% FS available optionally
  • Withstands overpressure up to 300% of full scale
  • Long term stability rated at < 0.1% FS/year
  • IP67 or IP68 rating by selection
  • May be used with any fluid compatible with PTFE, n-Butyronitrile or fluoro-rubber, and ceramics
In addition to the MeasureX MRL23 corrosion proof transmitters, the MeasureX range also includes hydrostatic pressure sensors for use in non-aggressive fluids with submersible cable, with or without rugged termination housing, and with or without an integral LCD digital display, all available in a wide range of sensitivities to match many applications.

For remotely located sensors, Bestech’s solution involves feeding the signal from a MeasureX pressure transmitter to a BeanDevice wireless digital transmitter, which converts the analogue signal to a digital code and transmits the signal via radio link to a BeanGateway receiver. The BeanGateway is in turn connected to a computer via an Ethernet interface. The acquired data may then be processed via BeanScape software in a user-selected format.

Alternatively, a lower cost radio transmission system is available within the ALMEMO array of instruments, sensors, transmitters and software. The ALMEMO system transmits sensor signals via a remote radio transmitter/receiver pair. The intelligent connector is plugged to the sensor and the logged data is transmitted via interface cable or wireless Bluetooth to a base receiver connected to a computer. The raw data is then processed by ALMEMO logging software installed in the host computer.

While the BeanAir systems have a frequency response of up to 2kHz, ALMEMO systems are generally suited to much lower frequency applications not exceeding 20Hz. Bestech recommends the ALMEMO system for relatively slow changing water level monitoring applications.

Bestech also offers the new series of Keller GSM2 remote data loggers and transmitters for measuring and logging water level remotely by transmitting the level signals via the Internet (GPRS), or via SMS/email to a mobile phone.

Used in conjunction with any of the vast range of Keller piezoresistive pressure sensors, including bore-hole types, or MeasureX sensors as well as numerous types of sensors, the GSM2 offers several advantages including a long life battery that lasts for many years based on the frequency of transmission. Keller GSM2 also allows remote upload of data on command, remote reconfiguration and two-way communications.

Bestech Australia provides full technical and commercial support to its customers for all its products. Bestech’s post-sales service includes technical application advice and troubleshooting, calibration and repairs. Bestech also designs and configures complete systems tailored to individual application needs.

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