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Available in Australia from Bestech Australia , the Prescale pressure distribution film allows the measurement and analysis of the distribution of pressure applied to web material tensioned over rollers.

The pressure sensitive film utilises microscopic ink filled capsules embedded in the surface of the film for the purpose. The rupturing of the capsules is dependent on the amount and location of the pressure applied by the roller to the film, and accordingly, to the web material.

As the capsules rupture, they deposit a red trace on the film, the intensity of which indicates the location and distribution of the pressure applied to the web by the rollers. The pressure film will therefore indicate if and where the roller(s) need to be corrected to improve the quality of the web material.

The Prescale pressure measurement film is first cut to match the width of the web or rollers, and in a sufficient length to obtain the required sample of the web travelling over the rollers. Detailed instructions are supplied with each roll of film.

The web is then relaxed followed by insertion of the film between the rollers and the web material, and then re-tensioning the web and slowly running it to traverse the cut length of the film. The web tension is relaxed and the Prescale film removed to visually examine the film.

Any variances in pressures are instantly revealed. In conjunction with a suitable scanner and Fuji analysis software, the pressurised film can also be digitised allowing further analysis and storage of the results for quality control purposes.

In addition to web analysis, Prescale pressure distribution film finds application in automotive gasket tests, tyre tread examination, footwear design and related studies.

Key features of Prescale pressure distribution film:

  • Available in seven pressure ranges from 0.05MPa to 30MPa (1MPa = 10.2kg/cm²)
  • Precision of measurement is typically ±10%
  • Operating temperature between 20ºC and 35ºC
  • Thickness between 90 and 110µm depending on the pressure rating of the film
Bestech Australia provides complete application advice and after sales service for Prescale pressure measurement film, and similar measurement systems and technology.

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