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Bestech Australia presents the TSE6086 Package Integrity Tester, from Seal Tick. This system has been designed and developed by Bestech Australia to enable the testing of seals in food and pharmaceutical packages. It ensures the seals have been made completely, allowing the manufacturer to be confident about shelf life and the integrity of the product, whilst offering a system of quality traceability.

The TSE6086 package integrity tester accepts a wide range of pack sizes and shapes without the need for adjustment. The tests can be as short as 5 seconds for small packs, and check for protection against moisture, oxygen and biological contamination. The tests do not stress or inflate the package, are dry and non-destructive, allowing the product to go back onto the production line. Results are both quantitative and operator independent. The SealTick package testing system is easy to use and very reliable.

Requiring only compressed air and 240V mains power, the seal tester is switched on, the handle is opened, and it is ready to test. The test results are shown as either a Pass, Fine Fail or Coarse Fail. The stainless steel construction ensures the package integrity tester’s durability in a production environment. A quantitative result is written into the internal log, and can be uploaded into a computer or network for quality traceability. Different products can be selected on the controller and tested using product specific test procedures.

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