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Optimised Metal Strip Measurement Systems from Bestech Australia

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Bestech Australia  serves the Australian and NZ markets with their measurement and control technology. They  present a revised design of the measurement system for metal strips by its supplier, Micro-Epsilon. They inspect the thickness and profile and provide a large measuring gap of 190mm, almost three times more than its predecessor. In addition, these systems can also measure corrugated and vibrating metal strips. Profile sensors measure significantly better on strips of different materials, which increase the monitoring range.

These systems enable thickness measurements to an accuracy of 0.01mm and are used for process stabilisation, quality assurance and documentation. Due to the use of a high-tech light barrier, edge detection for warped strips is also possible. This property enables robust width measurement with maximum reliability. Individual strips can also be documented over the entire process. By replacing radiometric methods with optical measuring techniques, they are wear-free and operate free of emissions. These measuring systems can be used for strips up to 4 m wide and thicknesses between 1 and 12mm.

During the production process, the metal strip passes through the measuring range of the system. During measurements, the measuring head constantly traverses across the strip, reliably capturing information about the thickness, profile and dimensions of the complete strip.  

These profile measurement systems for metal strips are available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia

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