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Optical interface sensor now available from Bestech Australia

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Bestech Australia presents the Model OX level sensor from Nohken, Japan. This optical interface point level sensor consists of a sensing probe and a separate electronic converter. Sediments, suspended solids, and interface of immiscible liquids are detected by using an infrared transmission between two probes. By transmitting the infrared light with pulse modulation, a strong beam goes through build-up and fouling on the probe surfaces. The probes sense the decrease or change in transmission of infrared light from the infrared LED. Ambient light is electrically disregarded by using a special frequency.

Features of the level sensor include:

  • The sensing probe on the level sensor is submersible
  • The PVC housing, PP sealing connector, and FEP covered probes are compatible with a wide range of liquids
  • Special PVC cable lengths on the level sensor are 20m
  • The detecting level can be easily adjusted by altering the height of the cable fixing point
  • The electronic converter has a switch selectable High or Low fail-safe mode for relay safety
  • An adjustable 0.5 to 10 seconds switching delay is provided in order to avoid transient on/off signals
This level sensor is applicable in water treatment and for environmental tests. A common application of this economical optical interface level sensor is detecting the sludge/water interface in settling ponds. The highly durable OX sensor optimises sludge discharge control and is ideal for corrosive liquids.

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