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Non-contact sensing for winding fibre cable

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Bestech Australia  offers a non-contact sensing method to help wind fibre cable for storage or shipping.

There is a demand in the fibre optics industry for an improved system that can wind fibre cables onto drums. An ideal fibre winding machine should be able to intelligently and consistently wind the cable, for which adequate real-time information from a sensor is required to ‘close the loop’ and allow for control of various motion components of the machine.

A closed control loop would mitigate costly damage to the fibre cables, and deliver consistent quantities of product on each drum, not to mention high perceived quality due to neat windings. The non-contact sensing method is sensitive to the delicate nature of the target material. However, traditional vision systems cannot distinguish one wind from another, and are subject to calibration issues, due to the sensor being robotically moved across and away from the drum.

The Micro-Epsilon laser line scanner LLT2800 available from Bestech Australia uses the triangulation principle to create up to 400 true X/Z profiles per second, allowing for real-time control at high winding speeds. The laser line projected by the sensor allows for multiple windings to be measured simultaneously.

The system is accurate to 200µm in both the X and Z axes, while resolution is down to 100µm in the X axis and 40µm in the Z axis. The LLT2800 laser line scanners can measure reliably at line speeds of up to 5 m/s.

The sensor self calibrates with each new profile such that the dimensional data is always valid, regardless of the motion of the sensor relative to the drum. Custom software onboard the machine is utilised to interpret the resulting 3D target data and provide closed-loop control of the machine motion accordingly.

Micro-Epsilon LLT2800 laser line scanner is only available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia.

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