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Bestech Australia offers a new accessory that converts Acuity AR4000 Laser Rangefinder linear measurement sensors into non-contact internal measurement sensors for measuring internal dimensions and geometry.

The Acuity AR4000 Laser Rangefinder has a measurement range from 0 to 16.4m (or 90m maximum uncalibrated). Coupled with the Acuity line scanner accessory, the non-contact internal measurement sensors find application in internal measurements of large diameter pipes (above and below ground), smoke stacks, storage vessels and tanks, underground railway tunnels, large cavities, large diameter bore holes, and lift wells.

The Acuity line scanner accessory converts the linear beam from the AR4000 Rangefinder into a rotating beam to enable the distance of internal surfaces to be precisely measured and monitored.

Achieved with a spinning mirror driven by a small DC motor in the line scanner, the linear beam generated by the AR4000 is swept at 90° to the prime beam at up to 2600rpm.

A high resolution encoder is mounted on the back of the mirror and the encoder’s output signal is read by a 16 bit HSIF interface card, which also increases the sampling rate of the displacement signal to provide high resolution measurements while integrating the signal from the encoder to produce precise point cloud data in polar coordinate form.

Both 2D and 3D distance measurements are possible with the non-contact internal measurement sensors though 3D applications require additional components.

Selecting and applying the Acuity AR4000 Rangefinder to specific applications, with or without the line scanners is facilitated easily by Bestech Australia with their expertise in Acuity laser and similar non-contact displacement sensors and distance measurement tools.

Prompt after sales support for all Acuity sensors and accessories is provided by Bestech Australia.

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