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Non-Contact Temperature Sensors by MICRO-EPSILON available from Bestech Australia

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MICRO-EPSILON introduces a new range of infrared non-contact thermal sensors, which incorporate triangulated laser beams to enable the required surface area to be precisely targeted for measurement.    

MICRO-EPSILON’s thermometer, CSlaser projects a spot on the target to be measured so that off-target temperature measurements are avoided.  

CSlaser IR non-contact temperature sensors also offer simple space-efficient installation and operation since the controller is integrated into the compact sensor housing.  

Only a single two-wire cable is required for the standard 4-20mA output non-contact temperature sensors. The CSlaser non-contact temperature sensor can also be optimised for different products and materials by selecting optional alternative lenses.  

Key features of CSlaser non-contact temperature sensors:  

  • Temperature of objects as small as 0.5mm can be measured reliably at a distance of 150mm from the sensor
  • SF version CSlaser may be adjusted to focus on a target area of 8 to 14µm diameter with a measuring range between -50ºC and 975ºC
  • M-2 version has a 1.6µm target size and a measuring range of 385ºC to 1,600ºC
  • Two essential parameters - the output signal and correction for emissivity of the target are manually adjusted in the standard analogue CSlaser non-contact temperature transmitters with 4-20mA output
  • Alternatively, the two parameters of CSlasers fitted with the optional USB interface are adjusted via software
  • Known or calibrated temperature reference is required in both instances
  • Emissivity calibration reference materials are available as optional extras from Bestech

M-2 version non-contact temperature sensors find application in research and manufacturing of precise metal parts, in-line production welding, ceramic components and related materials as well as PCB development and operating temperature measurement of discreet and integrated components.    

For additional external control purposes, the CSlaser non-contact temperature transmitters include an adjustable open collector alarm output.  

MICRO-EPSILON’s CSlaser infrared non-contact thermal sensors are available from Bestech Australia .


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