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New series strain bridge amplifier available from Bestech Australia

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New 8 to 16 channel strain bridge amplifier available from Bestech Australia has a 16 bit resolution and can do 200 ksamples/ second.

The integrated A/D converter has 16 channels and 8 digital I/O channels, which can be connected with a 37 pole sub-D plug.

This strain gauge amplifier model GSV-1A8 USB is manufactured by ME-Systeme, Germany.

The 16 channels are housed in two separate 8 channels housings, an expansion to a 16 bridge amplifier is possible with a second device, which contains no A/D card (passive device).

The connection between the passive device and the A/D card is made with a ribbon cable and sub-D37 plugs at the rear of the devices.

The analogue signals of strain gauges are amplified by precision bridge amplifiers. This strain bridge amplifier has low noise amplification and offers automatic Zero adjustment over 100% of measurement range.

The automatic Zero adjustment can be done by software or with a pushbutton at the rear of this strain bridge amplifier. The value of zero-adjustment is stored in an EEPROM and is loaded at each power up.

A bridge completion for quarter or half bridges of 120, 350 or 1000 Ohm is integrated in this strain gauge conditioner. The linearity error of this strain gauge amplifier is <0.02%. The supply voltage is 12V…24V DC and is provided by a 240 VAC adaptor that is provided.

The important features of this strain gauge amplifier are:

  • Compact housing and low weight
  • Simple connection concept for quarter, half and full bridges with a 5 pole M12 standard round plug with gold plated contacts
  • Automatic zero-adjustment over 100% of measurement range (±2mV/V or ±3mV/V)
  • High filter frequencies of up to 10kHz (250Hz standard, 2.5kHz and 10kHz option)
  • Low noise and low drift amplification
  • High resolution due to combination of zero-adjustment and high amplification
  • Low power consumption and possibility of 12V supply by vehicle electric system
  • Stable strain gauge excitation of 5V up to 4 parallel 350 Ohm bridges (87.5 Ohm)

The strain bridge amplifier is available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia.

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