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New accelerometers for shock and vibration measurement from Bestech Australia

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Bestech Australia introduces the new Endevco 7253D triaxialIsotron accelerometers designed for applications requiring the measurement of shock and vibration simultaneously in three mutually perpendicular axes.

The thru-hole mounting Endevco 7253D triaxialIsotron accelerometer allows 360° cable orientation with hermetically sealed titanium housing to protect against environmental contamination. 

Ideally suited for applications where the orientation of the connector and sensitive axes are critical, the new accelerometer finds use in testing environments including flight testing, aircraft engine testing, industrial engine testing, missile testing, aircraft component testing, spacecraft component testing, and industrial machinery testing. 

The 7253D has sensitivities of 10mV/g or 100 mV/g, and is small as well as lightweight at 10 grams with a broad frequency response at operating temperature between -55°C and +125°C.

Each axis utilises an Endevco type P-8 shear piezoelectric sensing element in conjunction with a hybrid charge amplifier to provide a low-impedance output of ±5 volt full scale in a two-wire IEPE system configuration. A constant current excitation of 2 to 20 mA is required for each axis, with the electrical connection made to each axis through a 4-pin connector.

Endevco 7253D triaxialIsotron accelerometers are supplied with accessories including the 3027AM3-120 cable, 42883 mounting screw assembly and EHM488 wrench. Optional accessories include models 123, 133, 2775B or 2793 signal conditioners.

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