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New LandMark10 MEMS IMU/ GPS from Bestech Australia

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Gladiator Technologies, USA announce the launch of the LandMark10 MEMS IMU/ GPS which has synchronized GPS and Inertial Timing and Rechargeable Internal Battery.

This unit features combined inertial measurement unit and GPS outputs with synchronized timing and a unique internal rechargeable battery.

The key features of the LandMark10 MEMS IMU/ GPS include:

  • Fully Temperature Compensated Bias and Scale Factor
  • Fully Compensated Misalignment and G-Sensitivity
  • In Run Gyro Bias 10° to 100°/hour typical
  • Small Size <116cm3/7in3
  • Low Voltage +3V to 4V (single sided power) or internal/external battery power
  • Sensor Bandwidth 100Hz
  • Built-in Vibration Isolation
  • Precision Alignment
  • Shock Resistant
  • Bandwidth 100Hz (user selectable)
  • Self Test & Internal Temperature Sensors
  • Long Life

The LandMark10 IMU/ GPS is an ultra low power device, light weight and typically consuming only 1/2 of a watt. The technology within this unit enables the best performance vs. price ratio available today while also offering many advanced user features such as.

  • Synchronized Timing Outputs for Inertial & GPS Data
  • Rechargeable Battery Power (5 hrs int./16 hrs ext.)
  • 16 Channel C/A Code GPS Receiver 10Hz Data Rate
  • Supports DGPS, WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS
  • Low Power
  • Light Weight
  • RS485 Output 200Hz/Inertial & 10Hz/GPS
  • Complete Setup kit available with display software, programming features, data recording, cabling and PC interfaces to ease user integration of the IMU/GPS into their systems. External battery power supply offers up to 16 hours of use.

Designed for commercial applications, the LandMark10 IMU/ GPS is ideal for rugged applications requiring low power, small size, synchronized timing of inertial and GPS data and low cost.

The LandMark10 IMU/ GPS is available in Australia & New Zealand from Bestech Australia.

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