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New Furness FCO770 leak detectors from Bestech Australia

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Bestech Australia  introduces the next generation of Furness pressure decay leak testers in the Australian market.

Based on the popular FCO750 model, the new Furness FCO770 leak detectors are designed for in-line production leak testing of automotive components, pharmaceutical products, safety pressure devices, plumbing fittings, gas appliances and medical equipment among others.

In addition to state-of-the-art electronics, Furness leak testing and flow testing instruments utilise the Furness patented flat diaphragm differential pressure transducer for optimum precision and robustness, and the leak test specific spool type valve block with spool position monitoring.

Furness FCO770 differential pressure decay leak detectors, similar to the Furness leak testing range allow the user to test with vacuum or positive pressure as standard. The maximum negative pressure range is -100 kPa (0 kPa Absolute) and the maximum positive pressure range is 3 MPa (3000 kPa or 30 Bar). FCO770 models with integral manual or automatic pressure and vacuum regulators are also available.

Depending on the application, an internal vacuum generator option is also available. If the application demands an external vacuum or positive pressure source, the user can plumb the FCO770 via a specific external source port for connection to the external pressure source.

Key features of Furness FCO770 leak detectors:

  • Full colour touch screen display for graphical and other image screen prompts
  • Displays the image of the particular product to be leak tested
  • Automatic storage of test graphs and other data and test recipes, or preset test sequences for up to 300 different products
  • Each test recipe may include automatically sequenced tests for blockage, ramp, and dump for the one product
  • Programming via the front panel, or with a laptop or PC via its RS232, RS485, USB or Ethernet interface
  • I/O for communication with external devices such as PLCs and PCs can be programmed via the front panel touch screen, or externally via a computer
  • Furness programming software and detailed user guides included on CD as standard
Furness FCO770 leak detectors are fully supported in Australia by Bestech Australia, ensuring quick turnaround calibration, maintenance and repair of all Furness instruments.

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