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Multi-functional display with integrated data logger

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The ALMEMO 4390 multi-functional display from Bestech Australia  is designed for continuous measurement and recording and includes control functions such as a limit relay or an analog output. This display/data logger can be connected to any type of sensor and the unit comes as standard with 65 selectable measuring ranges which can also be displayed.

The programming functions of the multi-functional display and data logger are displayed in plain text and can be viewed as a measured value (ie. Dual display, such as C and %rh). Damping, zero-setting, setpoint adjustment, max/min/mean value, temperature and barometric compensation are also offered by this display unit. All sensor characteristics such as calibration corrections, measured values, scaling and dimensions are programmed in to an intelligent Almemo connector.

The display and data logger is equipped with a high resolution 24-bit AD converter, and allows up to 400 measurements per second. This display and data logger is equipped with an internal EEPROM memory for 8000 measurements, which can be set for either a linear or ring memory. The storage capacity can easily be extended by using a clip-on memory module. The buffered real time clock and date guarantee an accurate real time data logging. For full analysis of measured data and control parameters the professional software WIN Control is available.

The display/data logger has 1 measuring input and 2 outputs for USB, RS232, Ethernet or networking. There is an option for a double analog output (0-10V and 20mA) as well.

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