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Miniature strain gauges available from Bestech Australia

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TML now has a large range of miniature strain gauges for such applications, which are available at Bestech Australia . TML strain gauges have been used for many years as a means of measuring the strength of a specimen directly. These miniature strain gauges are in high demand in the automobile, aircraft and industrial machinery fields.

Features of the miniature strain gauges include:

  • Printed circuit boards and surface mounting parts of automobiles, computers and industrial machinery are such small areas where these ultra-miniature strain gauges can be utilised
  • The smallest strain gauge has a backing of 1.6 x 1.2 mm and active gauge area of 0.2 x 0.8 mm
  • There is also a strain gauge for the measurement of strains in the 45-degree direction generated by shearing stress
  • The very narrow gauge size of the QFLT miniature strain gauge type makes this suitable for fine springs
  • The polyimide resin backing on the miniature strain gauge also means that these miniature strain gauges are able to be used in temperatures of up to 200°C
Also available are miniature strain gauges for use on composite materials such as CFRP and other special materials such as ceramics, glass and plastics as well as metallic materials. Operating temperatures and bonding adhesives for these gauges can be various.
The FLK type strain gauge with narrow gauge width is suitable for installation in an axial direction for bolt screws, fine pipes and round bars. Other gauge series can be selected for axial force measurements according to usage environments.

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