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Micromanometer for pressure and flow measurements available from Bestech Australia

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The Furness FCO510 Micromanometer, available from Bestech Australia , is a microprocessor-based precision measuring instrument for ultra-low-range differential pressures.

Each FCO510 Micromanometer comprises a sensitive ultra-low-range differential pressure transducer that is capable of resolution down to 0.001 pascals. The measurement instrument displays the pressure in one of 12 different measuring units as selected from the menu.

Flow velocity and volume flow can be displayed in a choice of 18 different measuring units through the use of Pitot static tubes and laminar flow elements. Additionally, the FCO510 Micromanometer measurement equipment accepts 4-20 mA inputs from an absolute pressure sensor and a temperature sensor to provide automatic correction for mass velocity and flow. This information can be displayed in a choice of six different measuring units.

A datalogging facility enables storage of measurements in the memory where results can be downloaded to a computer or printer using the RS232C output.

The measurement equipment can show peak, valley and an analogue bar graph of trend in addition to the display of differential pressure. Different windows in the display can be configured to show flow and differential pressure readings simultaneously.
The FCO510 Micromanometer measuring instruments are supplied complete with aluminium carrying case, twin core silicon tubing and a 200mm long Pitot static tube.

The Furness Controls range is supported in Australia by Bestech Australia.

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