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Micro-Epsilon’s new generation confocal controllers from Bestech Australia

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Bestech Australia  presents new generation confocal measurement technology from Micro-Epsilon with the introduction of Confocal DT 2451 and 2471 confocal controllers.  

The latest high performance controllers in Micro-Epsilon’s confocal measurement range, Confocal DT 2451 and 2471 help achieve measurement rates of 10kHz using an LED source and 70kHz using a xenon light source, thanks to excellent signal to noise ratio.  

A high performance CCD array is installed as the sensor element in the controller within a robust industrial housing. The unique active exposure regulation of a laser line enables rapid, precise surface compensation in dynamic measuring processes on a range of different target surfaces.  

Confocal DT controllers offer Ethernet, EtherCAT, RS422 and analogue output interfaces. The extremely flexible confocal sensors can be easily integrated into existing systems.  

The user can remotely configure measurement channels using the intuitive, web-based software via Ethernet, eliminating the need to install any other measurement software.  

Micro-Epsilon’s confocal controllers offer specific calibration options during thickness measurements, helping to achieve significant improvements in measurement results. The Confocal DT controller operates using a passive cooling system that minimises fan noise and interference.  

All confocal sensors from Micro-Epsilon can be connected to the Confocal DT 2451/ 2471 controllers. Standard sensors with fixed lenses as well as miniature 4mm or 8mm diameter sensors in axial or radial designs can be used with the controllers.  

Confocal DT 2451 and 2471 controllers are available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia.

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