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Micro-Epsilon’s Non-Contact Bore Inspection System available from Bestech Australia

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Micro-Epsilon’s new measuring system for acquiring wear in the rear holes of extruder machines is now available from Bestech Australia .  

Developed as a user-friendly system, the bore inspection system measures the internal diameter of drilled holes in the housings of double worm extruders using the idiamCONTROL system.  

The diameter measurement instrument has been specifically designed for checking bore diameters by using non-contact capacitive displacement sensors.  

To measure the diameters, the sensor unit is inserted into the housing bore of the extruder and pushed as far as possible towards the upstream end. The measuring technology gauges the clearance to the housing bore wall using non-contact distance sensors positioned opposite one another.  

The distance signals from the sensors are converted in the controller to provide diameter values. These diameter values can be recorded by turning the cross rollers through 40º for a total of six measuring tracks in a double worm extruder.  

While retracting the sensor unit, the evaluation unit records and stores the diameter measurements and the distance covered.  

An RS232/USB interface enables data transfer from the bore inspection system to a PC for archiving and graphical evaluation. The values recorded can be displayed as diameters over the complete length of the bore, and any tolerance deviations are immediately displayed.  

Measurement is conducted over the entire length of the extruder, and it is not necessary to dismantle the processing sections leading to significant time savings. Measurements outside the tolerance are immediately displayed on the evaluation unit. Individual sections can be extracted or enlarged by computer for more precise observation.  

The idiamCONTROL bore inspection system helps to optimise the maintenance work on extruder housings.  

Key features of the non-contact diameter measurement system: 

  • Non-contact and wear-free measurement technique
  • Suitable for all metals without additional calibration
  • Exact, non-destructive inspection
  • Rugged mechanical construction
  • User-friendly operation

The extruder bore inspection system is available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia Pty Ltd.

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