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Precise and rugged pull wire sensors by Micro-Epsilon designed for the displacement, position and similar linear measurements are available from Bestech Australia .  

The Micro-Epsilon pull wire sensors find application in height measurement of forklift trucks, valve position, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder position measurement, goods and passenger lift height, cherry pickers, waste collection truck lift arms, cranes and saw mill blade position.  

Non-industrial applications include adjustable therapeutic benches and beds as well as commercial building window blind position.  

Micro-Epsilon draw wire sensors are available with a choice of potentiometric, conductive plastic, or encoder measuring elements in a full range from 50mm to 30m (30,000mm).  

Micro-Epsilon draw wire sensors comprise a case enclosing a spring loaded drum and a pull wire with a clip to attach the extended end of the wire to the item whose position is to be measured. A rotary sensor is coupled to the wire drum.  

The rotary sensor is potentiometric or a multi turn encoder. Both incremental and absolute encoders are available in the Micro-Epsilon WDS range. Options for synchros are also available. The choice of rotary sensors is usually dependant on the application, the required precision or accuracy, and the desired output signal.  

An encoder is the optimum choice for long range applications. Lower cost potentiometric sensors generally suit short stroke applications.  

Other factors including maximum inertia and repeated strokes over the same extension or section of the measurement range should be considered. As a further option, Micro-Epsilon draw wire sensors are available for customer supplied rotary measurement element.

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