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The Micro-Epsilon LLT 2710 laser profile scanners available in Australia from Bestech Australia measure and evaluate complex 2D and 3D products.  

Also known as profile sensors, Micro-Epsilon LLT 2710 laser scanners employ the well-established laser triangulation principle for 2D profile measurement on various target surfaces.    

A special lens is used to enlarge a laser beam and form a static laser line, which is projected onto the target surface. The sensor’s high quality optical system projects the diffused reflected light of the laser line onto a highly sensitive sensor matrix.    

In addition to distance information (z-axis), the controller also uses the profile image to calculate the position along the laser line (x-axis). These measured values are then output in a two-dimensional coordinate system that is fixed with respect to the sensor.    

Measurements of 3D targets or objects can also be made if the target is in motion or if the laser scanner itself is passed over the target.    

The Micro-Epsilon LLT 2710 laser profile scanners are an example of advanced laser measurement technology with applications in industries such as automotive, heavy engineering, building products, and electrical component manufacture.    

Key applications of Micro-Epsilon LLT 2710 laser profile scanners: 

  • Precision non-contact laser profile gauge is used for precise position control of robotic hand position for ‘pick and place’ functions
  • Used for extruding fine glue lines on printed circuit boards in the robotics industry
  • Monitors the glue line profile prior to fitting the windshield in the body of a motor car, gap measurements between doors and other panels, and weld seam profile monitoring in the automotive industry 
  • On-site profile measurement of building products such as bricks and concrete beams
  • Monitors the position of pins in an electrical connector with ‘sub-mm’ precision
  • Ensures the right number of pins during the connector manufacture process

The Micro-Epsilon LLT 2710 profile sensors can function in standalone mode or with a host PC or similar device. The data is output via RS422 or Ethernet interfaces, or its FireWire with HUB.    

The maximum measurement range for the z-axis is 300mm with <4µm resolution and 148mm with 640-point resolution for the x-axis. Profile frequency is 2000Hz (max), and the measuring rate is maximum 1,280,000 points/second.    

Bestech Australia provides informed technical back-up support for the complete range of Micro-Epsilon non-contact sensors, profile sensors and laser scanners.

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