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ME Systeme DA40, DA54 and DAdX strain sensors available from Bestech Australia

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Bestech Australia  offer DA40/DA54/DAdx strain sensors from ME Systeme. These strain sensors are used for high-resolution acquisition of forces and deformations on large components, for example, presses, lifting tools, tanks, steel supports, bridges and connecting rods or pedestals of production machines.

DA40/DA54/DAdx strain sensors can be installed retrospectively. These strain sensors are durable and resistant to oil and moisture.

A favourable installation position is lateral to the direction of loading. Strains up to 1000 µm/m can be measured in the direction longitudinal to the stress without any limitation to the accuracy. A supply voltage of 2.5 to 10 V is required.

DA40, DA54 and DAdX strain sensors are suitable for static and dynamic measurements in both tension and compression. While the DA40 and DA54 sensors differ in dimensions and fasteners (M4 or M6), the DAdX sensor consists of two half-shells, which are mounted on pillars. DAdX sensors are available for diameters from 50 to 250mm.

The same performance features are achieved with these strain sensors in their robust and installation-friendly aluminium housing as with the direct application of strain gauges. This includes a high resolution, low drift symptoms and the possibilities for both static and dynamics measurements.

These strain sensors contain a wired strain gauge, which is pressed on the component to be glued by a specially shaped pressing mechanism. The housing serves as a mounting frame for the strain gauge application. The strain gauge is permanently protected against moisture by means of an oil-resistant seal.

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