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Bestech Australia  offers the Lorenz DR20 slip ring type torque transducers designed for torque monitoring in automotive and biomechanical research applications.

Lorenz DR20 torque sensors measure rotating torque in full scale ranges from 1 to 500N/m with maximum shaft speeds of 2000rpm for the lower torque ranges, 1500rpm for intermediate ranges, and 1000rpm for the higher torque ranges. The output signal is unamplified from 0.5 to 2 mV/V FS, the actual signal being dependant on the torque range.

Lorenz DR20 torque transducers find use in various applications ranging from automatic assembly of automotive components such as windscreen wipers, window winders and rear vision mirror drives to biomechanical studies and research and in particular, sports and biophysical studies. The DR20 also finds application in the testing of large area fully assembled automatic blinds for high rise commercial buildings, and testing electric garage door drives.

The DR20 torque sensor also includes as standard a dual channel TTL quadrature output signal for both speed measurement and direction of rotation sensing. Both ends of the shaft are plain keyed, and electrical connection is made via a 12-pin mating connector supplied with each DR20 torque transducer.

The Lorenz instrumentation range includes a wide choice of signal conditioning to match all strain gauge type sensors such as the DR20 torque transducers. Other Lorenz electronics convert and digitally output signals from any of the Lorenz strain gage type sensors and transducers including a discrete display of shaft speed and rotation direction. A Lorenz USB type transducer signal conditioner module is also available to transmit the torque signal direct to a PC.

If ordered with the DR20 or any other Lorenz sensor, the instrumentation is supplied pre-scaled and calibrated by the factory to match the sensor, helping to reduce installation and set-up time to a minimum.

Bestech Australia provides all the necessary pre- and post-sales support for the complete range of Lorenz torque transducers, load cells, matching electronics and software.

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