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Bestech Australia  offer a wide range of LVDTs (linear variable differential transformers) from Macrosensors, USA. LVDTs are used to measure linear displacement to high accuracies.

Industries that use LVDTs include automation machinery, civil engineering, power generation, manufacturing, pulp and paper, automotive racing and many more.

There are many benefits in using LVDTs for displacement measurement:

  • The coil and core are separable. Therefore LVDTs can be used for spool position feedback in hydraulic proportional and/or servo valves.
  • Environmentally robust. LVDTs feature superior moisture and humidity resistance, as well as the capability to take substantial shock loads and high vibration levels in all axes. Both the case and core are made of corrosion resistant metals, with the case also acting as a supplemental magnetic shield.
  • Fast dynamic response. Absence of friction during ordinary operation permits an LVDT to respond very quickly to changes in core position. The response time is only limited by the inertial effects of the core’s slight mass. More often, the response of an LVDT sensing system is determined by characteristics of the signal conditioner.
  • Friction free operation. This makes LVDTs especially useful in materials testing, vibration displacement measurements, and high resolution dimensional gauging systems.
  • Infinite resolution. Since an LVDT operates on electromagnetic coupling principles in a friction-free structure, it can measure infinitesimally small changes in position.
  • Overtravel damage resistant. Since the internal bore of most LVDTs are open at both ends, the sensor is not damaged by overtravel. In the case of such an event, the core is able to pass completely through the sensor coil assembly without causing damage.
  • Absolute output. In the event of loss of power, the position data being sent from the LVDT will not be lost. When the measuring system is restarted, the LVDT’s output value will be same as it was before the power failure occurred.

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