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Keller corrosion proof pressure transmitters and sensors available from Bestech Australia

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Bestech Australia  offers a range of Keller pressure transmitters designed with titanium housings to provide corrosion resistance in harsh environments.

Keller’s titanium pressure transmitters are built for use in heavily corrosive media with the titanium component offering a host of advantages for applications under very special conditions.

Titanium is used as a replacement for steel in the aerospace industry thanks to its lightweight characteristics while it is preferred for medical devices in the pharmaceutical industry for its neutral chemical and biological properties.

Components made of titanium will not corrode even in salt water or chlorinated water due to the permanent layer of oxide on the surface of the material. Titanium is therefore, more suitable for process measurement applications involving wastewater that may be contaminated with unknown corrosive substances.

Pressure transmitters with titanium housing featuring an implantable sensor (Ø 9mm) made of titanium allow hydrostatic level measurements to be carried out effectively in brackish water, or even in iron chloride.

Normal pressure sensors using a steel diaphragm can only be exposed to temperatures of up to 60ºC or risk deformation caused by the heat-induced expansion of the oil. Titanium diaphragms will not show any deformation up to 120ºC, leading to better stability than steel diaphragms in pressure transmitters.

Titanium is increasingly being used to manufacture high-quality pressure transmitters that meet highly demanding stability requirements in harsh environments.

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