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Highly accurate differential pressure transmitter with double sensor inside

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Bestech Australia presents a new range of differential pressure transmitters featuring a double sensor to allow independent measurement of differential and line pressures.

The new PRD-33X series differential pressure transmitter also delivers highly accurate measurements and a high overload resistance to increase the application versatility of the device with new possibilities such as measuring the levels in liquefied gas tanks safely, accurately and at a reasonable price.

The PRD-33X has two independent sensors measuring both line pressure as well as differential pressure. Thanks to the calibration over its entire pressure and temperature range, the PRD-33X achieves a high accuracy level up to ±0.05% FS. The floating assembly of the sensor unit protects against external forces during installation.

Pressure transmitters are required to take two measurements when determining the level in closed pressure tanks: one for the tank pressure and the other for the liquid pressure. With its two independent sensors, the PRD-33X can achieve this in a single measurement process. All transmitter parts contacting with the medium are made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel AISI 316L, silicone, gold and silicon, making the device suitable for use with (liquid) oxygen, argon, nitrogen, helium and carbon dioxide.

The PRD-33X differential pressure transmitter can also tackle the challenging task of measuring cryogenic liquefied gases in tanks that are smaller than three metres, which can have a differential pressure range of only 200 mbar and a line pressure of up to 32 bar. With line pressure compensation of 0 to 40 bar, the PRD-33X offers an ideal measurement solution.

The PRD-33X can be supplied with various electrical connections and has a digital RS485 interface. The easily configured free software not only provides the process values of the two pressure sensors, pressure ranges, filter settings and the serial number, but also enables communication and control of the transmitter where all data can be saved easily. Using it in combi­nation with a KELLER remote data transmission module or indicator further extends its functional and application versatility.

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