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High performance GPS-aided attitude and heading reference system by Bestech

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Bestech Australia introduces the new MEMS LandMarkTM 30 GPS/AHRS, from Gladiator Technologies. This is a high performance integrated GPS-aided Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS), up to a full INS/GPS.

It features high performance inertial sensors, the G50Z gyro and A35 accelerometer (also developed by Gladiator Technologies), which enable precision measurements including 10°/hour in-run and excellent bias over temperature.

The inertial suite provides internally temperature compensated RS485 output of delta velocity, delta theta, heading, pitch and roll angles and altitude information.

The signature feature of this inertial navigation system is the integrated GPS and inertial data, which is optimised with Kalman Filter Aiding and fully compensated bias, scale factor, misalignment, g-sensitivity, heading, pitch and roll angles, and altitude information integrated with a 4 Hz GPS position data update rate GPS.

The rugged, environmentally sealed package can withstand vibration, shock and EMI typically associated with commercial aircraft requirements.  The unit also includes a MILSPEC connector. Three different models with different software loads are available to meet the user’s requirements.

This GPS-aided AHRS is well suited for commercial flight control, navigation, antenna stabilisation and pointing, general aviation as well as laboratory use

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